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Postcard Trunk!

Postcard Trunk!

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Monday, March 29, 2010

Salvaged windows on the wall!

JuNk cannisters!!!!

Check out my vintage tin cannisters I purchased at an auction...I added J U N K and a little it!!!! Oh, what could I possibly store in them? Again, look for these at Junk-Fest on June 19, 2010!

Bathroom Dollhouse!

I couldn't imagine what Kelly wanted this old dollhouse for....but now that I see what she did with it..I want one!!! Love the crackly paint, love the vignettes, all in an old dollhouse, hanging in the washroom, above the toilet. I will surely be snatching up any old wooden dollhouses I see!

New projects! Chair shelf.

My mom (Mary) had this really cute chair. However, it had NO seat! She hated to throw it out..with such unique details..she had my husband, (Allen) make it into a cute chair shelf!!! Love it! Sure looks good hanging in my office..but it will surely show up at Junk-Fest!