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Postcard Trunk!

Postcard Trunk!

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Thursday, April 8, 2010

Flour bin Laundry Bins

These are some of my favorite my laundry room. Three salvaged Hoosier flour bins. Allen painted them...they are perfect for sorting laundry...darks, lights and reds! They would also be great for recycling-you could even put casters on them!

AFTER coffee table

Here it is!!! The auction dresser turned coffee table. Remember we removed one drawer, put shelves in it and hung it on the wall, it sold. Allen shortened the rest, used part of the left side to make a right side (there wasn't one at all) and made it into a coffee table.

I had this sitting up front of the Antique Barn yesterday, awaiting it's trip to my Junk-Fest storage unit, and two gals started measuring it, said it was perfect!!!! Better rush my goodies to the storage unit...this will be at Junk-Fest!