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Postcard Trunk!

Postcard Trunk!

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Sunday, March 20, 2011

Dry Goods Storage Box

Today's Project: Dry Goods Storage Box.

I have had this blue box for a long time. (It had an aluminum lid that I didn't like, it was hard to get off, and dangerous for kids. I will save it though, it will make a great roof for a birdhouse!)

I also had these white columns in The Antique Barn.
A little sanding, lettering, wax, scrap wood and screws...oh! and the adorable handles on the side!!! And we have a cute little storage box for magazines, toys, potatoes and onions, dog toys, hats and mittens...what have you!

I'm still pondering a lid...have a few ideas!

I actually remembered to do a BEFORE and AFTER today!

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